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When COVID-19 hit this spring, we quickly learned that social distancing was one of the most important things we could do to keep our friends, families, and communities safe. But it also came with a downside: keeping a safe distance from our loved ones turned out to be isolating and downright lonely.

Fortunately, with RTC Internet, we are all connected—even when we have to be apart. We asked our customers how they have stayed in touch with friends and family during COVID-19. Here’s what they said!

“There is an awesome app called House Party that I use to video call my sister and niece everyday!”

Amber Maria Jordan

“My daughter in Grand Forks and I did a craft together while we were on FaceTime (thanks Artsy Amy!)”

Gretchen Edwards

“Friends Zoom, family Zoom time, and now most importantly Google Meets for my kids’ classes.”

Michelle Hoff

“Using Skype and Messenger video chat is the only way to see our family as they are far away in Ukraine!”

Nataliia Kupets

“Keep in touch with grandkids on Facebook Messenger. We can do video calls!”

Judy Spletstoser

Staying connected online during COVID and beyond isn’t limited to phone calls and video chat. Check out these ideas for online activities that you can do with friends and family, even when you can’t be together physically.

  • Game on the go! You can challenge your friends to online games using apps like Words with Friends.
  • Host a virtual movie night with Netflix Party for Google Chrome. This extension allows you to watch Netflix remotely with long-distance friends and family! It even synchronizes video playback and includes a chat feature.
  • Call or video-chat with friends while taking virtual tours together of museums, national parks, and more.
  • Sharing meals is one of the best ways to connect with our loved ones. If you can’t gather together around the dinner table, start a virtual recipe exchange by email or a shared Google Doc.

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