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RTC launches 10 Gig, the fastest internet in the nation

Network upgrades place RTC in first one percent of providers to offer 10 Gig

With upgrades to an already robust fiber network, RTC is now able to offer 10 Gig internet—the fastest that can be found anywhere in the country.

Five years ago, RTC was among the first five percent of providers to offer 1 Gig, an internet connection that transmits data at a speed of 1000 megabits per second. The widespread deployment of fiber has allowed for speeds to increase rapidly, and today, 1 Gig speeds are available to over 80 percent of Americans.

RTC is staying ahead of the curve by joining the first one percent of providers to offer 10 Gig, which is 10 times faster than some of the fastest internet speeds available in not only North Dakota, but the nation.

“We don’t want our customers to be held back by their internet,” said Brooks Goodall, RTC Chief Operations Officer and Asst. General Manager. “That’s why we’ve created the fastest, most reliable broadband network. We’ve made a promise to provide the cutting-edge technology you need to stay connected to the world, and 10 Gig is the latest way we’re fulfilling that promise.”

1 Gig is currently fast enough for the average household or business to work, play, and stream simultaneously without interruption. Gig internet nearly eliminates network latency, a common term for the total time it takes for a short message to make it from sender to receiver. This allows for faster access to web pages, clearer video, better call quality, and improved online gaming.

But devices like phones, gaming consoles, smart TVs, and voice-activated assistants like Alexa are just the beginning. Projections show that 63 million American homes will qualify as “smart” by 2022, with everything from Internet-connected light bulbs to refrigerators. Speeds like 10 Gig will ensure that all of these devices and more work to their fullest potential, allowing users to game without lag, seamlessly stream in every room, and video chat with crystal-clear high-definition displays.

From video chatting to virtual reality, we can only imagine what the future of smart home technology will hold. And with Gig speeds and RTC’s unlimited data, the possibilities are endless.

“We’ve always been ahead of the curve,” Goodall said. “Now, with 10 Gig, we are building the network of the future.”

With this network upgrade and new blazing fast speed, RTC has also dropped the prices for their two other fastest  residential speeds. Now, residential customers can enjoy 1 Gig for just $125 a month, which includes the Total Experience Wi-Fi package (a $17 value) at no extra cost.

To sign up for Gig speeds today and start enjoying the nation’s fastest internet, call 701.862.3115 or visit