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Connecting the Community

What if there were a place where you could feel the crunch of the ice under your skates in the morning, grab a piping hot mocha with a friend for lunch, float down the lazy river in the afternoon, and end the day cheering on your favorite basketball team? It sounds almost too good to be true, especially if you wanted to stay in the same building for the entire day.

But that variety is par for the course at Rough Rider Center in Watford City, North Dakota–and it’s all under one roof.

Growing with the Community

As a state-of-the-art multipurpose event and recreation facility, the Rough Rider Center is western North Dakota’s premiere spot to host large statewide conferences, sporting events, memorable social gatherings, and more.

Managing the varied nature of the gigantic facility doesn’t come easy–but Events and Recreation Director Joshua Nollmeyer keeps the Rough Rider Center running smoothly, so it can continue to provide visitors and locals with various activities and events.

“Being diverse in what we offer means anyone can find something they are passionate about,” Joshua said. “It could be an adult sports league or it could be a youth robotics camp.”

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The Rough Rider Center cultivates these diverse opportunities thanks in part to its size. Their 5,300-square-foot convention hall and ballroom can fit up to 500 people for weddings, conferences, and other large-scale gatherings. There are also smaller meeting spaces, perfect for meetings, youth camps, or community gatherings.

While its programming offerings are varied and expansive, the facility itself is striking too. After all, no North Dakota recreation facility is complete without an ice rink, which the Rough Rider Center has, of course! Equipped with two NHL regulation-sized ice rinks and boasting over 950 seats between the rinks, guests can cheer on the Watford City Oilers. Moreover, adding versatility, during the off-season the main rink can be used for roller skating.

There’s also an aquatic center for the folks who prefer their fitness with a side of chlorine. Guests can swim a few laps or or play water volleyball any time of year with their six-lane competition pool, featuring a mid-depth basketball hoop and volleyball net, and an inflatable obstacle course. There’s even a 135’ water slide.

The Rough Rider Center goes beyond rinks and a pool. With a 22,000-square-foot indoor sports arena, the Rough Rider Center has three basketball/volleyball courts, an area for physical fitness programs, and a walking track. Even better, the wood courts are removable, meaning that the Rough Rider Center can place artificial turf for sports like soccer or football. You’ll also find a gymnastics gym with a foam pit. In short, you’ll find just about everything within its walls!

The Rough Rider Center hosts large-scale events like a 20-team hockey tournament or an 80-team youth basketball tournament (and, fun fact, those two events happened on the same days!), but it’s the small-town customer service and hospitality that sets them apart. 

“We may have an amazing, world-class facility,” Joshua said, “but it’s the people that make this place what it is.”

After all, the Rough Rider Center is there to bring the community together, whether it’s to cheer for the Oilers or to sip coffee with an old friend at the coffee shop (yes, they have one of those, too!). And it’s not just adults who can benefit from the Rough Rider Center. Parents can cheer for their favorite player during school sports tournaments, kids can discover new passions at various camps that take place in the Rough Rider Center’s classrooms, and families can celebrate birthdays in the pool party room.

“Social cohesion is such an important aspect of what we do,” Joshua said. “ We provide opportunities for people to connect by allowing community members to gather, interact, and build relationships.”

Keeping People Connected

Because they want to keep people connected, the Rough Rider Center has partnered with RTC Networks to ensure that every event, big or small, has top-notch internet and phone service. This collaboration has been a game-changer, so the center can confidently host large events that demand robust and reliable connectivity.

“Working with RTC has been fantastic,” Joshua said. “In every interaction, RTC demonstrated an unparalleled level of expertise and commitment, making them an invaluable partner in our endeavors.”

The Rough Rider Center’s partnership with RTC Networks is more than technical support; it’s a reflection of a shared commitment to empowering the community. Whether it’s facilitating a statewide conference or a local sports game, the support from RTC helps ensure that every Rough Rider Center event runs smoothly, allowing every participant to connect and engage without a hitch.

The Rough Rider Center, with its vast array of facilities and dedicated support from partners like RTC Networks, is a place where community, connectivity, and celebration come together, creating unforgettable experiences for all.