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From mastering the art of sourdough to Marie Kondo-ing our closets, people around the world have found countless ways to get creative during quarantine. We asked members of our RTC community to share how they have used the Internet to pick up new skills and hobbies during this unusual time. Here’s what they said!

“I'm getting back into making music and songwriting. YouTube, Google, and Guitar Tabs have helped me every step of the way!”

Amber Maria Jordan

“Making masks. I’ve made 180 and gave most of them away. Found patterns on the Internet.”

Judy Spletstoser

“ I researched new techniques for teaching.”

Nyssa Braun Stroschein

“We Google everything. Just fixed my daughter's headlight in her Jeep by watching a YouTube video!”

Michelle Rae

“Trying new Cricut projects!”

Cheyannea Hart

“Found a bunch of crochet patterns on Pinterest!”

Dar Huus

“Searched for comfort foods during the beginning of COVID.”

Gayle Stringer Folden

“We planted a big garden. I had to Google every step.”

Jesse Amber Carter

Whether you are isolating due to COVID-19 or just looking for a new hobby to try out this fall, here are a few more ideas that are all possible with RTC Internet:

  • Use Duolingo or a similar app to teach yourself a foreign language, from Spanish to Swedish!
  • Origami requires only two tools that you probably already have in your home: paper and a pair of scissors! Download free, step-by-step diagrams from OrigamiUSA to give it a try.
  • Pick up a paintbrush! You can choose from hundreds of painting tutorials on YouTube, enjoy the soothing voice of Bob Ross while streaming “The Joy of Painting” on Hulu, or just give it a try free-hand.
  • If you’ve always wanted to get into running but just haven’t found the time or motivation, now is your chance! Follow a beginner to 5K regimen, and you’ll be off the couch and at the finish line in no time.

If you pick up one of these (or any other quarantine hobby), let us know by tagging #myRTC in your photos!