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Struggling with slower-than-usual internet?
It may be time to reboot your router. 

Just like humans, routers need a little break from time to time in order to keep working at top speeds. Rebooting is one of the simplest and most effective ways to fix an internet connection that isn’t working properly.

Here’s how to reboot your GigaSpire router from RTC Networks:

First, do NOT use a paperclip or other item to try to press the reset button. 

If your router has an on/off button on the lower left side, press that button to power off. Wait 20-30 seconds and press again to reapply power to the router.

​​If your router does not have an on/off button, remove the power cable from the lower left side by squeezing in the sides of the cable and pulling out. Wait 20-30 seconds and then reattach the power cable to apply power to the router.

After roughly 3-5 minutes, your router will boot back up. You should be back to streaming and scrolling in no time!

If this process does not solve your connectivity issues, give us a call at 701-862-3115 to speak directly with one of our tech experts.