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RTC Networks 72nd Annual Meeting was held on June 15, 2023, at the 4 Bears Event Center in New Town, ND. A total of 184 members registered for the event, and we provided meals for 286 attendees.

We had the privilege of having Miss North Dakota 2023, Sydney Helgeson, perform the national anthem, adding a special touch to the event. Pastor John Warner gave a heartfelt invocation. The meeting also included the election of three directors: Lance Kalmbach for District 3 – Kenmare, Norma, Spencer; Jennifer Sorenson for District 1B – Alexander, Arnegard, Keene, Homesteaders Gap, Watford City; Terry Wilber for District 2B – Mandaree, New Town, Ross.

RTC Networks Attorney, Alicia Brenna, presented and explained the latest by-law change pertaining to Section 4.4 part 1 which explains the qualifications to be nominated, to become or remain a director; a new qualification was added as 1c.* 

Jon Lee, Chief Financial Officer, presented RTC Networks’ financials along with the audit report, and our CEO/GM Shane Hart and Board President Jeanette Hoff gave a joint presentation to the members in which they asked Shelsey Brandvold to share her experience attending the FRS Youth Tour. We gave away 30 door prizes, and Bruce N. from the New Town area won the grand prize of a free year of 1 Gig internet service.

Thank you to those who were able to attend the meeting, all attending members received a $25 bill credit. We sincerely thank you, the member-owners of RTC Networks, for your patronage and continued support of RTC Networks. We look forward to serving you in the future.

*RTC Networks by-laws can be found on our website: