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A Stanley, ND dealership was the first to adopt a new cloud-based business phone system, myRTCvoicePro, hosted by RTC Networks.

Matt Evans has spent his entire career at Prairie Ford in Stanley, North Dakota–30 years, not counting the time he spent doing oil changes and other odd jobs during high school. He held just about every job imaginable at the dealership, from parts to sales, before moving into his current role as General Manager nearly a decade ago. 

“If you would have told me 30 years ago that I’d still be here, I don’t know if I’d believe you,” Evans said. “But now I have no idea what I’d do if I didn’t do this. A lot of days, my customers are so good to work with, it doesn’t even feel like a job.”

Throughout his time at Prairie Ford, Evans has witnessed a lot of changes. People have come and gone, a new alignment machine has been installed, and a third hoist has been added. Evans experienced yet another transition this spring when, after using the same phone system for nearly 30 years, Prairie Ford became the first customer to adopt RTC Networks’ new business phone system, myRTCvoicePro. 

The myRTCvoicePro Business Phone System offers a cutting-edge, hosted cloud-based phone solution designed to revolutionize business communication, with modern features such as caller ID, digital voicemail, call forwarding, and conference calling, as well as the ability to chat between extensions, text (SMS/MMS) with customers, and join/host video meetings. 

“You can do so many different things with it,” Evans said. “It’s completely customizable.”

The cloud-based phone system is hosted on RTC Networks’ secure servers, rather than on the business premises, eliminating the need for expensive hardware and maintenance costs.

The myRTCvoicePro system allows users to run their business from anywhere through the mobile app, Communicator Go. Users get the same features that come on the office phone, on their mobile device. Evans can take a call in the office and seamlessly move the call to his mobile device when he needs to run to the lot or shop, rather than placing the call on hold or requesting to call the customer back. Through the app, calls can even be made from an office number when away from the desk, eliminating the need to give out a personal cell number as a secondary way for customers to get in touch. 

“It makes me available to customers all the time–during working hours, that is,” Evans said. “I can be on the way to meet a customer in Parshall and take a call to my office number while on the road.”

“It makes me available to customers all the time–during working hours, that is.”

Back at the office, the system’s paging horn feature allows employees to page one another through the phone system, rather than a separate intercom system. From the front desk, a receptionist can page the shop to request that an employee come talk to a customer or announce that someone is there to pick up their vehicle.

For a business that has been using the same phone technology for three decades, adopting a new system can come with a bit of a learning curve. Fortunately for Prairie Ford, RTC Networks has been there to help–training every employee on the new system, answering their questions, and making frequent trips to the dealership to ensure the system is running smoothly.

“We didn’t even have to ask and they were coming in to make sure everything was working correctly,” Evans said. “They went over and above what I would normally see with a phone company.”

Embrace the power of the cloud, stay connected, and revolutionize your business communication with the new cloud-based myRTCvoicePro Business Phone System from RTC Networks. Visit or call 701.862.3115 to get started today.